Halo Infinite: The Charm Of Ai Cortana In A Cosplay With Videos Of Meg Turney

Twenty years of Halo marked the video game story. Bungie Studios landed in the Microsoft world in 2011 with Halo: Combat Evolved, which started a first trilogy ended with Halo 3, and which was replaced with the Activator saga prepared by 343 Industries

Published a few days on Steam, Halo Infinite has maintained the presence of Master Chief, the historical protagonist of the series, a real essential stop point. As well known, the space soldier was accompanied throughout the saga by Cortana, an advanced AI with which he entered into a stable but changing relationship over time.

The cosplayer Meg Turney wanted to pay tribute to Halo’s saga, and taking advantage of Infinity’s release she offered her Cortana cosplay to fans. The blue charm of AI has been reproduced not only in photos, where you can already see a nice game of lights and an unusual interpretation, but also from a video available in the post at the bottom, where other elements of the scenery such as the platform and the walls

Are you ready to be accompanied by her on the new Master Chief mission? To learn more, read the review by Halo Infinite curated by Francesco Fossetti.

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