Halo Infinite, The Campaign In Action: 2021 Vs 2020, The Video Comparison In 4K

While Spartans from all over the world can already face each other to try to win the victory in Halo’s Beta Multiplayer: Infinite, it’s time to take a new look at the Single Player Campaign of production.

After proposing a few minutes of gameplay in Halo’s story: Infinite, 343 Industries has decided to allow players to observe in action the new version of a section of the experience already known to the public. Specifically, we are talking about nothing less than the notorious Halo Demo: Infinite presented during 2020.

Following the cold reception reserved by the public for this first taste of the sci-fi work, Microsoft decided to announce a postponement, so that 343 Industries could improve the quality of experience. More than a year later, you can now observe every detail of the changes made by the Xbox team. The international editorial staff of Game Informer has obtained an interesting 4K video comparison exclusively, comparing the appearance of the Demo portion in its 2020 and 2021 versions of Halo: Infinite.

Available directly at the opening of this news, the movie highlights the graphic improvements made to the shooter. The main sequence, in particular, allows you to observe the new lighting system and the revision action of models and animations operated by the Halo team: Infinite.

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