Halo Infinite: The Campaign Flies To #1 On Steam Thanks To The Excellent Reviews

Two days before the launch of Halo Infinite, but today the wait has been softened thanks to the reviews published by the specialized press around the world.

Reviews that incense the excellent work done by 343 Industries, who is preparing to deliver to the fans of Master Chief an adventure that adequately honors his legend. Halo Infinite boasts a great Meta Score of 86 based on a large number of over 70 reviews, four of which have even ended with a Perfect Score.

The enthusiasm of the critics has moved to the users, who have been crowded to book the Campaign, at least on Steam. While we’re writing to you, Halo Infinite is at the top of the ranking of the most popular video games on the digital platform of Valve for PC. As independent analyst Benji-Sales points out, this is the second boom to sales for Halo Infinite, after what had occurred in conjunction with the launch of the free multiplayer in advance. This is happening despite the fact that the game is also expected to arrive in Xbox Game Pass for PC, without additional costs for all players already subscribed.

While you’re there, read the Halo Infinite campaign review and the free Halo Infinite multiplayer review.

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