Halo Infinite: The Campaign Convinced Us? Our Impressions After Ten Hours Of Play

Halo Infinite is approaching the exit of its full version, set for December 8, 2021 on PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and aims to close 2021 with the bang. 343 Industries has already made available for everyone the Beta version of the multiplayer, but there is great curiosity about the Campaign.

Everyeye editorial staff has already had the chance to play the new, highly anticipated Master Chief adventure in depth: our trial of Halo Infinite campaign therefore contains all the impressions of the first 10 hours of play

As you can see in the preview video, it turns out that Halo Infinite’s campaign has some ups and downs. The quality of missions and the variety of the equipment are striking, but the open world component raises some concerns as it may prove potentially repetitive. Faced with a promising script, doubts remain about how massive over time support will also be for the single player component of the exclusive Microsoft, which promises to include cooperative mode in the near future.

Meanwhile, after negative feedback, the first changes to Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass have already arrived, a sign of how 343i intends to improve his new work even before the official debut in December.

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