Halo Infinite: The Campaign Analyzed Live By Fossa After 10 Hours Of Play

Extremely full week for all Halo fans: last Monday Microsoft and 343 Industries have made available the Advanced Access of the free multiplayer of Infinite, while in these days the first impressions on the net have emerged on the campaign, which will see

Our Francesco Fossetti has also had the opportunity to embark on the new adventure on the ring Zeta Halo in the heavy shoes of Master Chief: for 10 hours he tested the new game mechanics, he tested the rhythm of experience and he has You have already had the chance to read his preliminary impressions in the Halo Infinite trial, but the good Fossa considered it appropriate to further explore the topic by devoting a whole live video to the Twitch channel in Everyeye.

He explained in detail the merits and defects of the Halo Infinite campaign so far tried. On the one hand, there is meticulously designed gameplay and intelligently written script, on the other, a potentially repetitive open-world phase. If you missed the live, you can safely make up for it by watching the full replica attached to the top of this news. If you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to the Everyeye Twitch channel and activate the receipt of notifications, so you won’t miss any transmissions anymore. If you want to support us, you can also subscribe for free if you are registered with Amazon Prime. The subscription guarantees several bonuses, such as live without any interruptions, access to exclusive channels Discord and Telegram, subscriber coats of arms and a series of personalized emoticons.

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