Halo Infinite, The Battle Pass Modified By 343I Again: Here’s What Changes

Since the online publication of Beta multiplayer, Halo Infinite has been warmly welcomed by users, however many have complained about an unhappy management of the Battle Pass. 343 Industries is continuing to work to develop the rewards system and balance the gaming experience.

Microsoft’s software house is working to make the Battle Pass and its prizes less dependent on the full challenge, which was originally the key to getting all the rewards. The revised system, therefore, aims to reward those players who have for example accumulated a number of experience points, or who have dedicated themselves in a particular way to a certain playlist, who have scored a high number of killings or who simply have

“There is a lot of work to do here if we really want to respond to players’ feedback on these issues,” explains developers in a new post, “and wider changes will take time (i.e. performance based XP, XP per game, additional progression vectors

343 Industries is also working to make the challenges of events more accessible, although it is still necessary to play many stages of the event in question to climb to the maximum level of the Battle Pass. For further details on the title, we refer you to our review of the multiplayer by Halo Infinite.

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