Halo Infinite, Some Fan-Loved Modes Are Coming: New Leak

The multiplayer section of Halo Infinite has been able to convince critics and players, however not a few have moved criticism related to playlists and modes currently available within the Sci-Fi shooter.

With Slayer, Strongholds, CTF and Oddball all grouped into one playlist, fans did not particularly appreciate the way in which the modes were made available at launch. After having branded them as “anti-player decisions” and having asked for the return of a series of classic modes, it seems that users will soon be satisfied by the development team of 343 Industries.

At least that’s what a new leak reveals, according to which some modes, including Infection, King of the Hill and Griffball are in the finish line. To suggest it, to be precise, are the 12 medals appeared inside the leak, and at the moment completely absent in the playlists accessible by the players. The medals “Zombie Slayer” “Undead Hunter,” and “The Sickness” for example, give the impression of the return of the beloved Infection mode.

As always, in any case, it will be good to wait for 343 Industries to reveal directly the plans of updates to which it is working. Microsoft’s studio has started the Winter Contingency event, full of skin to get. The development team also specified that the fix of the Big Time Battle mode will arrive in January.

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