Halo Infinite, Problems For Big Team Battle Mode: The Fix Arrives In January

During this week, many users have reported technical problems that are affecting Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode. The efforts made by 343 Industries were not enough to resolve a matter, and a final fix should arrive for January.

“Unfortunately, the complex nature of this problem, together with the upcoming holidays, implies that we will not be able to resolve the situation for at least a few more weeks,” said 343 Industries. “We continue to work as much as we can, but with the imminent closures , and the fundamental need to ensure that the team has enough time to recharge after a difficult year This problem is a top priority and we hope to have updates to share once everyone will be able to engage again after the break.”

Until the update in question is distributed, 343 Industries – which has already reduced the number of players from 12 to 10 and suspended the “join-in-progress” function – advises Halo Infinite users to access the matchmaking of

“We know that players queue in just have a much greater chance of successfully entering a BTB game,” said Microsoft’s software house. “On the contrary, with larger teams, the chances of one or more players encountering this problem and failing to enter the game are increased.”

Meanwhile, a glitch was discovered to enable co-op in Halo Infinite, however, it seems that the side effects of this operation include corruption of the rescues.

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