Halo Infinite: Patch Coming For Big Team Battle And New Update To Limit Cheater

For some time now players have been complaining about problems with Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode, 343 has never hidden these issues and promised the arrival of an update in January, now there are interesting news about it.

Halo community manager Brian Jarrard confirmed that the 343 team returned to work after the end of the year and is working precisely in these hours to develop and test the hotfix for the Great Battle mode There have been attempts to solve problems with a lower update published before Christmas but problems with matchmaking persist, although the study has already identified the cause of the problem and the new update is now being tested.

The patch must be approved and certified by the top management of the study, Microsoft and quality control personnel, there is still no date for publication but the goal is obviously to publish the update as soon as possible, although there seems to be no hope for this week.

The study is then working on an update to mitigate the problem of cheaters and put the sticks in the wheel to the unfair players, a partial remedy in this sense is expected for February with the second patch of the year that will introduce anti-che measures

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