Halo Infinite: One Player Won 100 All Against Everyone In A Row

In the vicinity of the start of the Winter Contigence event in Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has put in the game the Massacre mode all against everyone, which has allowed a player to reach an incredible record.

We are talking about Mint Blitz, the same Australian-born user who, a few weeks ago, even before Halo Infinite’s campaign was officially published, shared a video showing a particular technique through which one could fly over the map using the Let’s go back to talking about this player to tell you about his feat in the free multiplayer, in which he managed not only to accumulate 100 victories in Massacre all against everyone, but to make a series of 100. You understand, the player’s wins are consecutive and represent a record, as shown on the portals that allow you to track the performance of the most skilled Spartans in the world.

Before leaving you to the video that shows Mint Blitz in online mode, we remind you that on our pages you can find a leak that soon multiteam modes could arrive in Halo Infinite along with a full set of extra modes suggested by

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