Halo Infinite: New Matching System For Incoming Matches, Details

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite is now available and the battles between the Spartans from all over the world are going crazy. Among the various improvements required by the players stands out a matchmaking system for the classified games that group players in a more logical way. 343 Industries could be in the process of intervention.

A professional player in Halo has recently expressed his desire to see a matching system for classified matches that can “match all players of a similar level” instead of simply balancing teams. Balancing the values in the field according to the skills of the participants could improve the quality of the clashes. The Community Manager of 343 Industries immediately intervened on the subject, welcoming the note. John Junyszek replied with a tweet: “We agree and the team is doing research on reports of matches like these. We will share more detailed updates when we are ready.”

In recent days, the 343 Industries team has received many of the feedback from users, saying that developers are already working to improve the progression system, one of the most discussed aspects of the community. Meanwhile, it seems that some stores have broken the day one of Halo Infinite’s campaign.

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