Halo Infinite: New Details About Master Chief’s Combat And Progression

In addition to furthering the features of the open world map of Halo Infinite, IGN.com offers us an updated overview of the gameplay mechanics of the Sci-Fi shooter and the progression system with which we will grow our Master

The evidence at the hand of Halo Infinite’s campaign tells us that the focus of the gaming experience, net of the structural evolution of this new chapter, will remain to eliminate enemies and destroy their resources. The open world will only expand the action approaches granted to the player, who will be able to achieve his goals by following paths much more ramified than in the past. For example, you can take advantage of some hidden passages in the map to avoid hordes of enemies and head faster to your destination, and alternative solutions will not be lacking even in the sections “by corridors.”

As we continue our adventure on Zeta Halo, we will be able to improve the five equipment slots (Grappleshot, Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop Wall, Thruster) of which it is Once we reach enough Spartan Core scattered across the map we will be able to improve away slots and unlock additional skills to exploit against enemies.

New tools will only be obtainable once certain aspects of the plot have been reached, thus making the feeling of growth and improvement gradual. However, there will be no real barriers to stopping the player (as could happen in a metroidvania), but some clashes could certainly appear particularly tough before unlocking the most suitable equipment.

Halo Infinite will be available from December 8 on Windows PC, Xbox Series X Plus and Xbox One.

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