Halo Infinite, Multiplayer And Cheater: The Community Wants To Disable Cross-Play

With the emergence of the first testimonies related to the presence of cheater in the Beta of Halo multiplayer: Infinite, the community asked the development team to intervene.

For its part, 343 Industries has already confirmed that an anti-cheating system is in direct line of arrival within the game, but meanwhile part of the audience would like to have the possibility to disable the cross-play. At the moment, in fact, Halo: Infinite defaults the unification between PC communities, Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus. Console users, however, would like to have the option to choose to take part in limited matches to

For the time being, 343 Industries has not offered an official reply to the request, more than frequent in this type of situation. Pending specific development team measures, some players from Halo’s multiplayer: Infinite have decided to take advantage of another option to try to reduce the chance of bumping into PC users. We are talking about whether to only fight with users using controllers or whether to access lobbys that include keyboard players. Selecting the first option, Halo players: Infinite hope it’s harder to run into cheater. This mode is only present in the classified games and above all up to a maximum of players in the team. If you are 3 you will not be able to choose and you will have to play in open mode, against any kind of controller.

What is your experience? Have you had problems with cheaters inside Halo’s Beta Multiplayer: Infinite?

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