Halo Infinite Multiplayer: 343 Seeks An Expert On’sustainable Monetization’

In the background of the return of the Fracture Tenrai event by Halo Infinite, Microsoft Careers’ portal reports on the activities carried out since October 2021 by 343 Industries to seek an expert on “sustainable monetization” to expand the multiplayer

The professional figure sought by the subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios, the Monetization Designer, is described as a talent specialized in “improvement and development of new sustainable monetization systems, systems that are in line with our vision of

The work announcement, as specified by the Microsoft Careers card, has been online since October 2, 2021 and since then there have not seemed to be any changes to the description of the tasks to be entrusted to those who want to play the role of Monetization Designer.

The card accompanying the research of the new professional figure indicated by 343 also specifies that the candidate to take over the position of Monetization Designer will have to work closely with the development team and “provide a competitive analysis of current monetization trends and Finally, the need to “plan and manage efforts for the contents of the post-launch seasons” is mentioned.

We are therefore waiting to find out which way you will take 343 Industries to evolve the exclusive Microsoft experience for PC, Xbox One and Series X/S. If you missed it, please note that on the pages of E

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