Halo Infinite Likes The Creator Of Master Chief: ‘Magic Is Back’

Halo Infinite marked the return of the iconic Microsoft franchise after several years of absence, and quickly impressed a large number of fans and professionals, who were impressed by the work carried out by 343 Industries with the new chapter. And among the supporters there is also an important name for the genesis of the series.

Marcus Lehto, the original designer of Master Chief at the time of the very first game of 2001, has in fact expressed on Twitter all his appreciations towards Halo Infinite, saying he is very pleased to have returned to dress the character’s shoes “I take off my hat in front of my friends of 343,” says Letho adding that “Infinite campaign brings back Halo’s magic. I’m really appreciating the time spent again in the company of Chief.”

The artist admits that he also encountered some problems during his games, particularly related to the game map: “I am having difficulty understanding what are the primary goals on the map of Halo Infinite. Is it a common problem or a ‘Ok boomer’ style thing?”, ironically Lehto.

If the developers can therefore be happy with the positive feedback received from a veteran of the series, they have not missed at the same time bad internal news: the Lead Narrative Designer of Halo Infinite has left 343 Industries to focus on new projects. Did you know about the player who won 100 all against everyone in a row in Halo Infinite?

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