Halo Infinite: Leak Reveal Dates And Contents Of The Christmas Event Winter Contingency

After confirming that Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle fix will only arrive in January, 343 Industries is completing the work related to Winter Contingency, the Christmas event that will soon begin in the multiplayer sector

There is still no official announcement of Microsoft’s studio, however the information on the Infinite Leaks portal anticipates that the event will start on Tuesday, December 21 and will last until January 4. If Winter Contingency aligns with the same times as other gaming events, it is expected that it will start at 7:00 p.m. on December 21st.

According to a graphic shared by Infinite Leaks, a 10 rank Battle Pass will be introduced (Rank 1: Spartan Emblem, Rank 2: Armor Coating, Rank 3: Left Shoulderpad, Rank 4: R The event has already been anticipated in the roadmap of Season 1, and we just have to wait for an announcement from 343 Industries that officially communicates the dates.

Users have identified a glitch that allows you to unlock the co-op in Halo Infinite, however via the operation seems to lead to corruption of game saves.

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