Halo Infinite: Lead Narrative Designer Aaron Linde Leaves 343 Industries

Aaron Linde, Lead Narrative Designer of Halo Infinite, announced that he had left 343 Industries. During 2022, the author will embark on a new project, whose details are currently unknown.

“News sweet bittera: I leave 343 Industries to pursue new opportunities in 2022. It was a terribly difficult decision; Halo Infinite will remain for the rest of my life one of the successes I’m most proud of. I’m really grateful that I was a part of it,” Linde wrote on her personal Twitter profile. “I want to thank my dear colleagues for having made the best game I have ever worked on, our incredible cast of dubbers for raising our work in every single line of dialogue, and our players for joining us on this crazy journey.”

As Lead Narrative Designer, who took on the role in August 2019, Linde led the small team of writers who dealt with all the narrative content of the open world of Halo Infinite. More than 15,000 lines of dialogue spoken by Marines and enemies, over a hundred audio logs and the environmental dialogues of Glibnub, the “Lord of Propaganda” of the Exiles, are included.

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