Halo Infinite: Is The Final Build Better Than The 2020? Let’s Find Out In Video

We are now a few hours away from the launch of the Halo Infinite campaign, whose debut is scheduled for the afternoon of next Wednesday 8 December 2021 on PC and Xbox with much arrival in the Game Pass catalog. Waiting to get our hands on the game, a movie allows us to discover the differences in the final build with that of 2020.

The now well-known YouTube channel entitled ElAnalistaDeBits has welcomed a new video dedicated to the last adventure of Master Chief, who sees him engaged on the Zeta Halo. A series of sequences extracted from the final version of the campaign were compared by the youtuber with the much talked video gameplay shown at E3 2020, that is what triggered the controversy for which the game suffered a postponement of about a year As you can see from the images shown in the video of ElAnalistaDeBits, the extra time was wisely exploited by 343 Industries, which improved the performance of materials such as weapons and armor of the protagonist and reduced the number of elements The same textures of the soil and surfaces have undergone remarkable improvements, highlighting how an excellent work has been done by the development team.

Before leaving you to the video, we remind you that on our pages you will find the review of the Halo Infinite campaign. Have you already read our opinion on Halo Infinite free beta multiplayer?

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