Halo Infinite Is Not All On Disk, John Linneman Of Digital Foundry Criticizes This Choice

John Linneman of Digital Foundry has been working for years in the fight against the preservation of software and over time has praised Microsoft for the excellent work done with the retrocompatibility on Xbox consoles, but now comes a small criticism related to Halo In

Linneman writes on Twitter that in his opinion it is a great displeasure that Halo Infinite is the first game in the series not to be present entirely on disk (it is in fact required an additional download) and this could be a problem for

“It’s not a positive trend and I hope Microsoft will reconsider these choices in the future,” concludes Linneman’s criticism, a point of view as said to preserve software accessibility in the near future.

It is to be said that Microsoft has always been very careful about this topic and over the years has worked to ensure easy access to the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games with the aim of preserving a historical memory that would otherwise have been lost between licensing problems and non-compat

Linneman’s point of view is certainly legitimate but considering how the market is moving more and more towards digital and in the case of Xbox, on Game Pass, recovering games from the past should be increasingly simpler.

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