Halo Infinite, Incredible But True: The Marines Quote Aldo, Giovanni And Giacomo

Halo Infinite continues to be a source of surprises, even in a way that no one would expect. As incredible as it may seem, in the Italian version of the game of 343 Industries there is a quote from the famous trio of comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo.

The discovery is due to Gabriele Deriu, a player who uploaded a clip to YouTube who is quickly making around the net. In the video attached to this news, one of the Marines – evidently angry at the enemies who populate Zeta Halo – says decisively “I’ll stretch your spine and I’ll play Albinoni’s adage” The comedian has made the joke in one of the most beloved performances of the trio, The Courts, to be precise in the sketch that sees Aldo impersonating Count Dracula. If you have never seen it, immediately get it right away by going to the bottom of this news after listening to it.

This is clearly a freedom that the team in charge of the adaptation in Italian by Halo Infinite, which we cannot help but appreciate. Did any of you already get the quote? Let us know in the comments, also since you have also taken a look at the tribute to Metal Gear Solid!

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that Halo Infinite campaign is available for a fee on Xbox One, Xbox Series X Plus and PC Windows 10, as well as in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue at no extra cost. The multiplayer component is free for all players (as well as a real bomb).

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