Halo Infinite, How Was The Extra Year Of Development?

Halo Infinite was supposed to accompany the launch of Xbox Series X in November 2020, but the bad feedback reserved for the campaign’s reveal in July 2020 prompted Microsoft to opt for a long delay, which brought back Ma

How was this extra time taken? Steve Dick, Character Director of 343 Industries, gave us the answer to this question during an interview with VG247 microphones. It seems that during the additional months of development the team focused mainly on finishing the content already present, without adding anything new: “The balance, the rhythm and other things like that have been made possible since the extra year of development that has been granted us. It would have been easy to fall into a trap and decide to add, add, add. However, we immediately said: ‘No, it is better to remove things to improve the pace, flow and sensations offered by the game’. It was already big.”

Most of the content offered by the final version of Halo Infinite was already in the build of 2020: “A year ago you could already play it. It wasn’t complete, but most of the things you see today were already there – they weren’t simply finished,” added Associate Creative Director Paul Crocker. “We received all the support we needed when we made this decision. It’s amazing to get so much support. It’s not as simple as what we work at [in 343 Industries] – there’s a huge organization [Microsoft] that surrounds everything we do.

As we pointed out in the Halo Infinite review and in the review of the free multiplayer, the additional year of development has without a shadow of doubt done well to Master Chief.

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