Halo Infinite: How To Unlock The Exclusive Free Got Milked Emblem

A few days after the debut of numerous new playlists in Halo Infinite and the arrival of a series of changes to the system of weekly challenges, which should be less frustrating now, here is that 343 Industries kicks off an initiative that allows players

Thanks to a collaboration between Amazon’s streaming platform and the game development team with Master Chief, all players can unlock an exclusive emblem for free during the next stage of the Halo Championship Series, or the We are talking about the bizarre Got Milked emblem, which can be unlocked only during the event. Let’s find out together what steps to follow to get it for free.

Connect Halo’s account to Twitch

The first step is to connect your game account to that Twitch and, fortunately, that step can be completed very quickly. First, log in to the recently updated Halo Waypoint portal with your Xbox credentials. Once you have completed your login, visit the page related to the accounts linked to the official site of the shooter in person, within which there is a button that allows you to connect to Twitch: enter your data and confirm the link.

Unlock the Twitch Drop

At this point the first step was completed and the two accounts are linked. To unlock the Twitch Drop all you have to do is watch 60 minutes of the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 during the next weekend on one of the authorized Twitch channels, i.e. those that have the tag “Drop enabled” Once you have accumulated 60 minutes, you can visit the rewards page on Twitch and redeem the prize, which will then be sent to your Halo account.

Here is the full calendar of the event:

Friday 17 December 2021: live broadcast will start at 18:00 Italian

Saturday 18 December 2021: live broadcast will start at 19:00 Italian

Sunday 19 December 2021: live broadcast will start at 16:00 Italian

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