Halo Infinite: How To Unlock A Skin And Free Xp Toes With Xbox Game Pass

Are you playing Halo Infinite’s Beta Multiplayer for free and have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription active? Know then that you can get a rich package of skin and other bonuses at no extra cost.

Here is the complete list of items included in the first free Halo Infinite bundles that will be published each month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers:

Tokens Experience Double, 4 units

Challenge Change Tokens, 4 units

Exclusive Livre

Unlike other bonuses that are distributed to service subscribers, Halo Infinite’s DLC requires an additional step to be applied to the account. First, log into the Xbox app for PC or smartphone or access the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Rewards section directly from your console. Select the banner for the additional content of the shooter in person and click on the button to redeem the bonus. In doing so, you will see on screen a link within which there is a code useful for the ransom and you can decide whether to make this passage directly on console or through a browser on another device. If you want to use another device, visit the code ransom page on Halo Waypoint and, in case you display an error message, click on the Spartan helmet-shaped link at the top corner At this point you can enter the code and complete the process, so that you start the shooter and find the items in the Bonus section of the pass and in the weapons counter.

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