Halo Infinite: How To Redeem Special Items For The 20Th Anniversary

Halo Infinite’s Beta Multiplayer was a surprise made available by 343 Industries, which launched the online component of the game on the 20th anniversary of the release of Halo Combat Evolved. The historic anniversary is celebrated with an exclusive cosmetic package: here’s how to redeem it.

To receive content related to Halo’s 20th anniversary: Combat Evolved all you have to do is access the game with an Xbox account by November 22, 2021. In doing so, as soon as you are inside the Halo Infinite multiplayer (that’s how much it weighs and requirements to play the Halo Infinite Beta), you will find the package already available. The contents are as follows:

Platinum armor Anniversary

Platinum Skin Anniversary for assault rifle

Platinum Skin Anniversary Warthog

Assembled Emblem

Amulet for ‘Blue Team’ weapon

Set ‘heart’ emblem

These objects are all cosmetic, without affecting the gameplay, and re-propose the style that made the first Halo famous. So you have to hurry to avoid running the risk of losing these accessories, because at the moment the developers have not revealed if they will be made available later. Meanwhile, with the launch of the multiplayer component of the new, highly anticipated Master Chief adventure, the Season 1 of the game: Heroes of Reach (in this regard, this is how long Halo Infinite Season 1 is).

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