Halo Infinite: How To Quickly Accumulate Value Points

During the Halo Infinite single player campaign you will have the opportunity to claim and get new weapons, vehicles and marines controlled by artificial intelligence to help you during your progression within the game thanks to the use of a special game currency, whose units

Valor points can be obtained in various ways during the adventure in the open world of Zeta Halo, in a way quite similar to what would happen with the most classic experience points, in particular by completing main and secondary missions. However, there are some tricks to get value points faster, so as to stock them up in large quantities and always have them available at times of need: the most profitable activities from this point of view are those found in the next paragraphs.


The FOB (Advanced Operating Basses) are supply facilities populated by powerful enemies in which you can find and retrieve weapons, ammunition, vehicles and other equipment of various types. Reaching them and undoing all enemies in the area will also get some Value points.


This type of secondary missions resumes the classic dynamic of conquest of outposts already seen in many open-world titles. After defeating all enemies and thus conquering the area you will complete the assignment and get a certain amount of Value points.


These particular secondary missions will see Master Chief intent on helping a handful of Marines surrounded by enemies: after defeating them all and saving the soldiers in danger you will be rewarded with value points.

Propaganda towers

In the latter case, you will receive Value points after you have demolished and destroyed the propaganda towers scattered throughout the map of Zeta Halo.

Each of the above secondary activities allow Master Chief to get extra value points, and can be easily traced on the game map by searching for their dedicated icons. In particular, the activity that presents the best relationship between difficulty, brevity and number of points obtained is undoubtedly the one dedicated to the rescue of the teams of Marines on Zeta Halo: in case you need many points in a short time we recommend you to search on the

In case you want to liven up your adventure in the main Halo Infinite campaign, we recommend you consult our guide to the Skulls of the Halo Infinite campaign. Please note that in addition to the History mode, the new chapter in the Halo series also offers a completely free online multiplayer mode that is also available for all those who have not purchased the game, but through the progression you can unlock the secret armor of Halo In

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