Halo Infinite: How To Perform A Series Of Killings In The Multiplayer

If you are playing with a certain frequency at Halo Infinite’s Beta Multiplayer for free, you are likely to have faced a complex challenge related to the series of killings. If you have no idea how to accomplish this mission, which is also the ultimate challenge of Season 1 Week 2, here are some advice.

Unless you want to skip this challenge through the help of a Gettone Cambio Challenge (in case it is the ultimate challenge you cannot make the change), it would be advisable to deepen the operation of this mission so that you can complete it without

When the 343 Industries shooter talks about a series of killings refers to the homonymous medal that players can get during any game and that in the English version of the title is called “killing spree.” This is the first medal you can get by performing killings without dying and, to unlock it, you have to eliminate five different opponents in any way without being knocked out. We know that this is a rather complex task, especially in chaotic modes like Fiesta, but there are little tricks that allow you to make a series without too many problems. The first is definitely to wait match set in maps that include vehicles and jump aboard heavier ones like the armored, whose bullets have a rather wide effect area and allow you to eliminate in sequence five players very easily. The second trick is the Energy Blade, a perfect weapon to use in combination with the Propulsors, that is the ability that allows Spartan to make a quick shot after which to hit with the blade and eliminate the enemy: hide somewhere and If none of these techniques help you, you could try the Great Battle at Squads and place yourself in more isolated places, waiting for some lonely player to approach you to take him out and repeat the process until the fifth enemy killed.

Please note that on our pages you will find the guide on how to unlock the HCS Winter livery in Halo Infinite’s Beta Multiplayer. Did you know that there will be major changes to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progression system soon?

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