Halo Infinite: How To Jump Higher With The Wall Jump

Halo Infinite multiplayer mode has been released for free on Xbox and PC for several days now, and players continue to discover and study new and different techniques to try to exploit the game mechanics in their favor.

The victory of a game in the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite – and in particular of a game of Arena type – does not only pass from your personal skill with all the guns of Halo Infinite, but also from your ability to move quickly to Being able to move effectively can make a difference both in the offensive phase, to reach a higher position from which to strike your enemies with greater ease and precision, and when you have to repair yourself from the enemy fire.

One of the most important but also most complex moving techniques that can be put into practice in Halo Infinite is that of the Wall Jump or Over Jump, a kind of double jump that if properly used allows you to reach with a special jump and very much protruding

To perform this technique correctly you will have to follow the following procedure (which you can also view through the video at the bottom of our guide):

Once you have identified the ledge you want to reach as your last destination, look for an intermediate object or ledge placed between you and your final goal

places between you and your final goal Press the running button and jump normally so you reach the middle point of your path

At this point you will be halfway through your path: to continue the jump and reach your final destination you will have to take advantage of the momentum received from the first jump and press the jump button again as soon as you get on the intermediate object (by always keeping the button for the

as soon as you get on the intermediate object (always holding the button for the run and the one to move forward) If you have made the second jump correctly, you will be able to receive enough push to reach your final destination

Of course, the procedure listed here summarises a number of steps that must be performed in a very short time interval of a fraction of a second to be effective. As a result, the player is required to have a good personal technique with the gamepad or with mouse and keyboard and a good dose of experience with the game before being able to use this technique of movement in the best way. In case you want to learn how to use the wall jump, then, we recommend you arm yourselves with patience and take numerous tests playing in games against the bot, so that you are not disturbed by the intervention of other players.

In the meantime, don’t forget to redeem free Halo Infinite rewards available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

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