Halo Infinite: How Much Does The Single Player Campaign Weigh?

The day has arrived: on December 8, 2021 the full Halo Infinite version makes its debut on the market. As witnessed by our review of the Halo Infinite campaign, the new adventure of Master Chief promises to be addictive, alongside a multiplayer that has already convinced fans.

Good news also comes for those who are preparing to install the new game signed 343 Industries: contrary to what you could imagine at first, the weight of the campaign and combined multiplayer is rather light for a title of similar scope, requiring in total 48,42GB about Specifically, for those who still have no Halo Infinite file type installed on their platform, download the only multiplayer will occupy 26.53GB.

As for the players who have already installed the Beta Multiplayer, the speech changes considerably: for the multiplayer component you will only need to download an update of 3.97GB, while the campaign requires 25.86. This brings the total to 29,83GB. On Twitter, David Ellis of 343i confirms that the team has worked hard on technical aspects to ensure users as small as possible for the full game.

We also remember when you unlock Halo Infinite campaign in Italy: starting from 7:00 pm you can start playing the main story after having regularly installed it, thus returning to the role of Master Chief after several years of waiting for the

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