Halo Infinite: How Is The Multiplayer On The Technical Side? Here’s The Video Comparison

With the Beta multiplayer made available by 343 Industries for all PC players, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, the new Master Chief adventure is preparing to make its debut on December 8, 2021, with Halo

Beta Multiplayer also leaves room for new technical analysis on all versions of the game, allowing you to compare even with the previous network test. In the latter case, for example, the new Halo was also traveling at 120fps on Xbox Series S, but the situation seems different now, since the Multiplayer on the only digital version of the next-gen Microsoft console comes only In both cases the resolution reaches 1080p.

We move on to Xbox Series X: in Performance we touch 120fps with a resolution at 1440p (which can go down to 1080p), while in Quality we travel on 60fps with 4K native (which can drop to 1 Finally, as for the PC edition, not only does the game show that it works technically well, but it also offers numerous options to customize performance depending on the hardware power available.

Meanwhile, the new Halo Infinite patch is available on PC and Xbox, bringing a number of popular changes and improvements.

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