Halo Infinite, Grunts Quote Metal Gear Solid: The Exhilarating Easter Egg!

While 343 Industries announces further changes to Halo’s Battle Pass: Infinite, the community of enthusiasts is dedicated to the discovery of friendly Easter Egg hidden in the game.

One of these, in particular, attracted the funny attention of the video gaming community, with several content creators and players who immortalized the short sequence. We’re talking specifically about an exhilarating Easter Egg dedicated to the first Metal Gear Solid. As you can check in the video available in the opening of this news, inside the open world of Halo: infinite our Master Chief has the possibility to eavesdrop the discussions of some opponents, including the small and bizarre Grunt.

Two of the latter, in particular, seem determined to find at all costs a way to defeat Master Chief. When looking at various hypotheses, one of them seems to have had a brilliant idea: move the controller cable, inserting the latter into the Player 2 compartment. In this way, Grunt is convinced, it will be possible to defeat Spartan 117. Unfortunately, his partner is forced to point out that there does not seem to be any attack on a second player. The shocking discovery seems to have devastated the poor and ingenious Grunt.

Did anyone say Psycho Mantis or Metal Gear Solid?

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