Halo Infinite, Free Early Launch Of Multiplayer? New Clue From Pringles

For several days, rumors have been circulating that want the free multiplayer of Halo Infinite to be released as a surprise on November 15, more than three weeks in advance of the date of December 8, officially communicated by Microsoft.

The shadow drop, so they are called surprise launches without a marketing campaign to precede them, would make perfect sense in light of the importance of the day of November 15, since it represents the twentieth anniversary of Xbox and Halo Combat Evolved.

As we continue to wait, another clue emerges in support of the theory of early launch: Pringles’ website, a brand linked to Xbox and Halo from a marketing agreement, launched a countdown that ends exactly on November 15. As a trading partner, it is possible that the potato producer was informed in advance of the alleged surprise. It is also plausible that the countdown was not authorized by Microsoft, since after the news was released from Pringles’ official website. As a testimony to its existence there is however a screenshot, which you can also view at the bottom of this news. Wrong surprise or wrong information? We’ll find out in a few hours, since there’s only one day until November 15.

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