Halo Infinite: Fracture Event You’ll Keep Available Again, Details

With a new post published on Halo Waypoint, developers of 343 Idustries confirmed that Fracture Tenrai event is available again in Halo Infinite. In its first edition it had triggered some controversy among the players, and that is why the event has undergone some changes in this replay.

The event is again thought to be completed periodically throughout Season 1, but now players can earn 10 rewards per week, instead of 7 as it previously did. One of the most significant changes is that the event always guarantees at least one specific challenge for the event in the player’s personal rotation. The absence of this function was a problem in November, when the event was launched for the first time and it did not always have an active challenge to complete to advance in the Battle Pass of Fracture Tenrai.

343 also added 11 new cosmetic objects that can be obtained during the event, and modified the distribution of XP and Challenge Boost compared to the original edition of the event. 343 hopes that these changes will give players valid reasons to invest their time in Fracture Tenrai, with the event that will last from today until January 11 and will continue to return periodically for the rest of the Season.

Meanwhile, the deleted mid-credits scene of Halo Infinite has been discovered.

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