Halo Infinite: Fracture Event Tenrai Comes With A Trailer

A few days after the official launch of the Halo Infinite campaign, Microsoft and 343 Industries have published a trailer that announces the arrival of the first time event of Beta Multiplayer for free, Frattura Tenrai.

The event will remain active for the next seven days and will allow players to complete a series of weekly challenges related to Fiesta mode to get the free rewards of the mini-pass, among which the armor from samurai stands out. As the event is structured, players will not be able to unlock all rewards in the first week, but developers have already confirmed that during Season 1 there will be six weeks dedicated to the Fracture Tenrai Event, so that players can To accompany the free prizes will arrive in the shop also of the armors paid always in oriental style that the players can buy through microtransactions.

Waiting for the arrival of the single player campaign, we remind you that on our pages you will find the guide on how to download the free Beta multiplayer of Halo Infinite, which is available for a few days on both Xbox and PC (through Micro

Have you read our guide on how to unlock the free armor of the Fracture Event You’ll keep in the free multiplayer of Halo Infinite?

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