Halo Infinite, First Criticism Of The Battle Pass: Leveling Is Frustrating For Many Players

Microsoft and 343 Industries surprised players by publishing the Beta multiplayer of Halo Infinite on PC and Xbox consoles. Although the overall feedback is proving very positive, and net of the start with Halo Infinite on Steam, it seems that not everything is going the right way.

On the reddit pages a discussion is being held about the progression system on which 343 Industries decided to base the online multiplayer Battle Pass of the shooter. According to many users who have had the opportunity to get into the mix in these hours, not receiving experience points at the end of their matches is uncomfortable, and the system currently adopted does not help to advance level in a simple and gradual way. The complaints are particularly those users who do not have much time to play, and who find themselves forced to complete specific challenges to progress little in the Battle Pass.

“There must be XPs per game,” says a user. “Live the Battle Pass is frustrating, complete a very fought game just to slowly earn 100-200xp to challenge and nothing else. I really hope they implement the XPs for the completed games and the winning games.” What do you think about that?

343 Industries promised to share more information in January on Forgia, Co-op, and the first two Halo Infinite Seasons.

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