Halo Infinite Export: The Partnership Programme For Teams Will Expand

The competitive season of Halo Infinite (have you already read our Halo Infinite review?) started with the incredible HCS Raleigh (winn by the devastating Cloud9). More than 200 teams have ventured into North Carolina, also attracted by the prize pool of all-respecting 350,000 Dollars.

Among the many participating organizations there were legendary ones: FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, Sentinels. These four teams (plus five others) have secured an exclusive partnership with Halo’s export circuit before Halo Infinite even arrived on the market.

L’Halo Exports and Viewership Lead ›Tashi, on Twitter › announced that the partnership program could expand with the advent of the new year. • We will open questions to expand the team partnership program for @HCS from February to April. We will share details on how to apply and what is required publicly so that it is an open and transparent process.”

What is the Program?

Basically, the program will work more or less like any other plan of revenue share in vogue on the export scene. Ubisoft with Rainbow Six Siege, for example, has been doing so for some time, as well as Activision for Cod and Blizzard for Overwatch.

The goal is to enhance the brand of each organization by giving visibility in game to their official colors, allowing users to buy its theme bundle and support the team of the heart. In this way, part of the proceeds will go directly to the organization, part will merge into the prize pool of the major events. ♪ Every partner team will have several bundles that will be released in Halo Infinite. In addition, teams will be given a wide range of content and opportunities to film content during events so that they can entertain their fans and bring new ones. We are also working hard to get more opportunities for partner teams, including support for sponsorships, merchandising collaborations and more. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible to our partner teams.”

In short, Halo’s export scene, at least in the United States where it never went off, exploded again. Not only the return of Master Chief, but also a highly respected multiplayer section (have you already read our review of Halo Infinte’s multiplayer?).

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