Halo Infinite: Everything You Need To Know About The Free Multiplayer Battle Pass

The multiplayer component of Halo Infinite will be completely free-to-play, so free access from all players on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus. To monetize, 343 Industries and Microsoft will rely on the o

Through the pages of IGN USA, the Head of Design Jerry Hook and Lead Progression Designer Chris Blohm outlined the operation of the Premium Battle Pass in Halo Infinite, which, contrary to the In other words, whenever a new one is added, the previous ones do not disappear. The reason? They don’t want to feed unhealthy habits, forcing players to do overtime to unlock what they paid for. This way they offer them the chance to return to the game only when they want it. After confirming the total absence of the pits, they outlined the main rules of the Halo Infinite Premium Battle Pass:

They’ll cost $10 apiece;

You can only have one active Battle Pass at a time. This means that players must choose the Battle Pass for which they intend to accumulate experience.

You can switch from one Battle Pass to another at any time;

The Battle Passes shown in the Flight Test are not representative of the final ones;

Upon completion of every quarter (25%) of the progression of a Battle Pass, a legendary cosmetic object will be offered. This will be linked to a canonical character or will be a customization object with attributes or special effects;

The rewards of events are separated by the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass of Season 1 by Halo Infinite will be called Heroes of Reach, and will offer cosmetic objects inspired by the Noble Team and Halo Reach, the latest episode developed by Bungie as well as one of the most appreciated Players will get a core of the Mk armor. VII, on which they can attach all the other pieces (shoulders, emits, viewers and more) compatible Mk. VII.

In Halo Infinite, the customization options, as well as through the Battle Pass Premium, can be unlocked also through the Campaign and completing the Weekly Challenges. In addition, there will also be events that will be happening every couple of weeks: Hook and Blohm have not deepened the topic, but they have ensured that each event will also offer a Free Pass that will allow all players to unlock rewards Unlike the Battle Pass, these reward routes will be time-consuming and will not predict an alternative progression for a fee.

By the way: have you seen the Oddball round played in Halo Infinite multiplayer?

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