Halo Infinite, Discontented Fans Of The Progression Of The Event Tenrai: 343 Promises Changes

The free gameplay of Halo Infinite multiplayer was greeted with great enthusiasm by both veterans and newcomers. The same cannot be said unfortunately for the progression system, which instead is sending to the crazy all the players.

The first problems were seen at the launch and had to do with the excessive grinding required by the Battle Pass, fortunately the guys of 343 Industries were very attentive to the feedback of the players and immediately intervened with a patch. With the launch of the limited-time event Fracture Tenrai, which took place yesterday, however, new problems have arisen: its progression system is generating a lot of mood.

Fracture Tenrai, freely accessible to all players, offers a unique route and separated from the Battle Pass, consisting of 30 tiers, which among other things puts the very ambitious core of the Yoroi Armor and other associated pieces at stake. So far everything seems perfect, but unfortunately it is not according to many players. First, you cannot progress by earning experience points and/or playing the limited time playlist: you can only do so by completing dedicated challenges, which can be frustrating for some (get a double kill in a 4v4 playlist), These challenges, among other things, appear only after completing the classic weekly challenges, they are not always accessible

This week, it is also possible to reach the highest level 7, after which progress is blocked. This is because the Frattura Tenrai event was designed to return to regular intervals throughout the season. A total of six apparitions are planned, the second of which is already scheduled for January 2022.

The core of the Tenrai armor is level 5, so it can already be obtained this week. The other cosmetics are scattered in the Event Pass, and here we arrive at another source of dissatisfaction. Sixteen of the thirty tiers are composed of XP bonuses and swap for challenges, therefore the cosmetic objects are few to be obtained. In addition, the left and right shoulder are separated by five tiers: this means that some players may not be able to unlock them during the same week and be forced to wait until the event returns even if they want to complete the set for the shoulders.

Another aspect of increasing the rage of players is also thought of. In the shop there are cosmetics Samurai themed for sale in exchange for real money. The Chonmage Armor Set, for example, costs 2,000 Credits, or about 20 euros. From a high, therefore, we have an event pass with few cosmetic objects and an extremely frustrating progression system, and on the other hand of the objects thematically many similar buyable in a moment by paying out real money.

The echo of the numerous complaints has already reached the ears of the developers of 343 Industries, who have made known that they have heard them “strong and clear.” The Community Director Brian Jarrard has assured that measures will be taken, albeit not immediately: this week (festival in the United States) the employees of the company are enjoying “a more than deserved holiday” after the hard work they have done for

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