Halo Infinite: Demo Campaign And Multiplayer On November 15Th? Last Rumor Pre Event Xbox

With the countdown for the celebration of Xbox’s twentieth anniversary, which is now close to its conclusion, the network has gone crazy in the face of the possibility of seeing a surprise publication of Halo Infinite multiplayer and a demo of the single player

A theory that has found diffusion following the sighting of multiple clues, not least the start of a mysterious Halo Infinite countdown on the Pringles website, Microsoft’s commercial partner in promotional activities related to the new Master adventure Based on some details that were captured by the dataminers, the indiscretions have increased exponentially, to the point of concretizing a series of very precise hypotheses.

Insider, dataminer and enthusiasts have joined forces to try to decipher the situation, concluding that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be released on November 15 at 8:00 p.m., Italian time. In support of this hypothesis, the community reports of internal tests already started by 343 Industries and the publication of a frequent series of updates on Steam dedicated to Halo infinite, as well as the numerous seemingly active game servers.

It is not enough, because we are also talking about a demo of the Halo Infinite campaign that will be published on November 15, however some insiders let know that the launch of the trial version will probably be postponed due to no better specified bugs. According to other sources, the problems have been solved (or will be solved tomorrow) and everything would be ready for the shadow drop of the multiplayer and the playable demo of the single player of the title. Is that true?

Needless to say, there is no certainty at the moment. Of course, the sum of the individual elements seems to suggest that something is boiling in pot, but it is equally true that, for example, Steam’s database seems to have received updates dedicated to the game several times over the last few months. In short, the scenario is rather confusing for now: the best advice is therefore to wait patiently for tomorrow’s evening, to find out if the optimism of part of the Halo community will actually find confirmation.

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