Halo Infinite: December Skin And Free Tokens For Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

On the occasion of the announcement of the incoming games on Xbox Game Pass in December 2021, Microsoft has finally revealed in detail the content of the first Halo Infinite theme package for service subscribers.

As Redmond’s giant had anticipated over the last few months, users with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription will receive a free bundle containing consumables and cosmetic elements to be used in the online multiplayer segment of Halo Infinite. A few days after the launch of the campaign, the official Xbox portal has updated with all the details on the first of these packages, which will be particularly rich.

Here is the list of the contents of the first free Halo Infinite bundle for Xbox Game Pass subscribers:

Tokens Experience Double, 4 units

Challenge Change Tokens, 4 units

Exclusive livery •Pass Tense •For assault rifle MA40

All these items will be available on both PC and console and can be redeemed in the Xbox Game Pass rewards section from December 8, 2021.

Did you know that the new progression system of the Season 1 Battle Pass of Halo Infinite is already active?

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