Halo Infinite, Day One Broken: Is The Fps Kolossal Already On Sale?

Although more than a week has passed since Halo Infinite’s very long-awaited launch, many have now boasted on social media that they have already been able to get their hands on a copy of Microsoft’s shooter kolossal.

The curators of the social portal of Halo Polska and the Polish Wiki of the Halo series, for example, are receiving numerous testimonies from those who, going to the store to receive information about their booking of Halo Infinite, received the game well in advance

Also from the pages of the social profiles of Halo Polska you can admire the “unofficial” images of the final case of Halo Infinite, with the inevitable shot dedicated to Master Chief and the indication on the possibility to execute the title so much on Xbox

However, as happened in the past with the broken day one for titles highly expected by the public, our advice can only be to pay particular attention to spoilers that could occur from here to the next days on gameplay, settings and

While we are waiting to receive new feedback on the possible break of the day one of the new FPS of 343 Industries, we invite you to read our last special with Francesco Fossetti’s signature report on the 10-hour trial with the Halo Infinite Campaign

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