Halo Infinite Collector’s Steelbook Edition Is Available On Amazon

Halo Infinite, the first person shooter developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, released on December 8 after being postponed by a

The release date has arrived and on Amazon is available a Collector’s Steelbook Edition in a €69.99 that will contain, in addition to the disc of the game, a particular Steelbook. There are also bonus content in the pack, Zeta Sky (Armor & Weapom Cookings) and Chosen (Emblem & Nameplate).

Click Here To Buy Halo Infinite Collector’s Steelbook Edition

When writing the article, Amazon will be shipped this particular edition of the game on December 16th, so most likely the first part of the stocks is already finished and Amazon will send it to you when new supplies arrive.

Please note that the game immediately from the launch is also available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog along with hundreds of other titles already playable. On Amazon are on sale on with immediate availability the Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live subscriptions, a definitive addition for Microsoft console owners who are never satisfied with trying different titles.

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