Halo Infinite: Co-Op Campaign, Forgia And Season 2 Late? Season 1 Has Been Extended

With the free online Beta multiplayer for PC and Xbox, 343 Industries took the opportunity to announce that Halo Infinite Season 1 will be extended by two months compared to previous forecasts, and will last until May 2022.

As suggested by GameSpot, this decision could lead to the postponement of some expected content and mode with the arrival of Season 2, which will play force to a different date than the original forecasts of 343 Industries.

Microsoft’s study had for example specified that the co-op mode for the campaign would come just at the same time as the second Season, and it is not to be excluded that this could have been postponed after the extension of the Season of debut of Halo In The same applies to Forgia mode, already planned after the launch of Season 2, and probably postponed by developers. In any case, in order to avoid possible hasty conclusions, it will be good to wait for further clarification from Microsoft.

Waiting to learn more, Halo Infinite’s online Beta multiplayer is breaking down on Steam, where it has abundantly exceeded 150,000 players within a matter of hours, becoming the fourth most played title on the platform. On our pages you will find all the details about the content currently present in the online multiplayer of Halo Infinite.

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