Halo Infinite, Changes The Progression System: Daily Boosters Arrive

After having carefully monitored community feedback on Halo’s multiplayer progression system: Infinite, the 343 Industries team decided to introduce some new features.

The community manager of the software house, John Junyszek, is the communication agent through the Tweets you find at the bottom of this news. The developers’ observations, he explains, showed in particular that the Spartan’s initial slow progress in the multiplayer’s Beta phase was slow. To address this problem, 343 Industries has decided to introduce a daily booster system for the accumulation of experience.

In particular, the latter will be active for the first six games of the day played by Halo users: Infinite. With this solution, the Microsoft team aims to make the progression in the game faster, while offering recognition to those who return frequently on the battlefields. Below you will find details of the size of the boot scheduled for each game:

1st Match = 300 XP;

2nd Match = 200 XP;

3rd Match = 200 XP;

4th Match= 100 XP;

5th Match = 100 XP;

6th Match = 100 XP;

7th Match and later = 50 XP;

Waiting for the first reviews of the Halo Campaign: Infinite, Spartans can test this new system of progression, waiting for the multiplayer section to exit from the Beta phase.

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