Halo Infinite: Can You Replay The Missions Of The Campaign?

Halo Infinite’s single player campaign does not allow you to replay missions but it is a temporary choice and in the future the selection of levels will come, as confirmed by Paul Crocker of 343 Industries at Stitivor’s microphones.

Speaking to the headphones, Crocker points out that “it is not possible to replay the campaign missions at the moment but this option will come later.” Being an open world non-linear game, entering a similar feature is rather complicated, this does not mean that it will never come, the creative director reiterates, however it takes time and at the moment the functionality is not yet at a state such as to be permanently inserted in the game

For the same reason, the support for co-op in the campaign was postponed, the objective of 343 was to improve some aspects of the project by devoting itself to other features at a later stage. There is not yet a clear exit date for these two options but we will presumably know more during 2022.

To learn more about the great return of Master Chief we refer to the review of Halo Infinite campaign and the review of Halo Infinite multiplayer remembering that the game will be available from December 8 on PC, Xbox

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