Halo Infinite Campaign: A Glitch Unlocks The Cooperative, But Corrupts The Rescues

Incuring the danger of being banned, saying goodbye to the objects unlocked in multiplayer or having to give up their rescue files, several users of the Reddit forum claim to have managed to discover a glitch that unlocks access to the cooperative

Almost a joke among Halo’s subreddit members rebooted after the online toxic lockdown, the challenge to unlock shared-screen coop in Halo Infinite’s campaign involved an increasing number of users in the latter

Judging by what Halo’s subreddit members have explained, to enable splitscreen mode in the Infinite Campaign, you just have to run a few simple steps in sequence that require, for example, the singleplayer to start after you disconnect. The system devised by Reddit’s visitors was tested by the GameSpot editorial staff and apparently seems to work, albeit with many limitations and “satisfactory contraindications.”

The glitch of the cooperative, in fact, obliges the second player to explore Zeta Halo without HUD, makes it impossible to claim the advanced bases of the exiles and, above all, determines the block of the game in case of death of Master Chief and his The most serious problem in using this glitch is, however, the corruption of the rescues, a danger that seems to become more concrete in function of the time spent playing in split-screen.

Our advice, therefore, can only be to avoid any attempt to activate the glitch and to wait for the arrival of the free update that will enable officially the cooperative to shared screen in the Halo Infinite Campaign. On the basis of the latest information offered by 343 Industries, the update in question should be available during 2022, which is assumed after May at the same time as the expected update that will sanction the arrival of Halo Infinite Forge.

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