Halo Infinite Between Graphics And Gameplay: Df Reflects On The Evolution Of The Fps Kolossal

After expressing his scepticism about the Halo Infinite campaign, the digital fundry journalist collective meets once again to reflect on the interventions carried out by 343 Industries to evolve the graphics and gameplay of the ko

The DF team obviously starts from the comparison between Halo Infinite’s chat gameplay reveal from the July 2020 Xbox Showcase and the new Halo Infinite Campaign trailer admired in late October

The exchange of jokes between members of Digital Foundry involved the most important aspects of the development of the exclusive Microsoft: according to the journalist group linked to Eurogamer.net, the expectation of fans will be repaid by a lu In a strictly visual way, for DF the additional year of development gained from 343 with the postponement allowed the subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios to overcome the criticalities identified in the lighting system, the quality of textures and the richness of details of the environment

Overall, the “technologic experts” of Digital Foundry are satisfied with the work carried out in these months by 343 Industries, so much so as to openly declare their “cautious optimism” about the success of the delicate operation conducted by American developers to resolve the

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