Halo Infinite: Angry Players With 343I Because Of The Great Battle In Squads

As you will know, the Big Battle to Squad mode by Halo Infinite is often unplayable due to a series of problems related to matchmaking that, unfortunately, make it almost impossible to find a match. For this very reason, players have decided to make themselves heard and ask for some sort of compensation.

Despite the awareness of the problems that affect this mode involving two teams of twelve players, the development team has made no changes to the system that randomly assigns the weekly challenges to the players. This implies that many users have to spend the precious Gettoni Cambio Challenge to avoid all those challenges that concern this mode, whose completion would require hours of play and numerous attempts to participate in the game ending with an error. For this reason, players ask developers to temporarily remove these challenges from the mission pool that can be assigned or that a free token bundle be distributed, so that everyone can skip these challenges without worrying too much about the consequences. The ire of many players is mainly compared to Fortnite Chapter 3, whose recent down of servers has prompted players to give everyone a free pickaxe and a period of XP Supercharged.

There is currently no official comment from developers, but it is likely that over the next few days Microsoft and 343 Industries will publish a fix or distribute some kind of reward to apologize for the problems. Meanwhile continues the Frattura Tenrai event by Halo Infinite, which allows you to unlock the beautiful samurai armor for free.

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