Halo Infinite And Unexpected Gadgets: The Energy Sword Becomes A Beautiful Lamp!

Awaiting the Christmas event Winter Contingency in Halo: Infinite, Master Chief’s epic enthusiasts can admire an unexpected new gadgets dedicated to the 343 Industries home shooter.

In fact, the Halo-themed Swaroskis were not enough: Infinite lighting for the homes of the enthusiasts, who can now also admire a special desk lamp. As you can check from the images available at the bottom of this news, the object is in fact nothing more than a reproduction of the Energy Sword that Spartan can brandish within Halo: endless.

With a height of about 46 cm, the object represents a perfect replica of the weapon used to face the threat of the Exiles. Unfortunately, it is not clear at the moment whether the furnishings will be put on sale and, if necessary, at what price. For now, the only sighting has been made at the social accounts of EB Games Australia. The portal has in fact obtained one of the free lamps from the division of Xbox Australia and New Zealand, for a special Christmas contest.

There is therefore nothing left to do but wait for any announcements that see the Energy Sword theme desk lamp arrive on the market. What do you think of this peculiar Halo-themed gadgets: Infinite: would you position it in plain view in your home?

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