Halo Infinite And Unbalanced Matches: The Bots Don’t Want To Leave The Field!

The popular Halo multiplayer sector: Infinite can count on a vast community of fans, whose involvement has also been promoted by the distribution of content in free to play format.

However, the game server attendees are not always sufficient to ensure the completion of the ranks necessary for the launch of multiplayer clashes. For this reason, they are operating within Halo: Infinite even special Bots, which however seem to be too competitive! Recent reports have confirmed the reluctance of the latter to abandon the battlefield.

Even after the entry into the game of more players, it may happen that the Bots remain operational within the match, due to the occurrence of a bug. This circumstance has been reported by several Halo users: Infinite, mainly through posts posted on forums and social networks. The incidence of the problem seems to be quite sporadic for the moment, but its manifestation can certainly represent an unpleasant surprise, with unbalanced matches due to teams made up of six players, between humans and Bot!

Pending a resolution by 343 Industries, we recall that the special event Winter Contingency is now active in Halo’s multiplayer: Infinite for a limited period of time.

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