Halo Infinite And The New Battle Pass Of Fracture Tenrai: Incetta Di Armore Nel Leak

After some misunderstandings between the community and software house, 343 Industries had confirmed the inclusion of the Kabuto armor set in the Halo Battle Pass: Infinite dedicated to the special event Fracture: Tenrai.

With the latter now close to the return in-game, scheduled for Tuesday, January 4, 2022, on the net has found an interesting indiscretion spread. Specifically, a leak would reveal the characteristics and contents of the new Battle Pass designed for the occasion. As promised by 343 Industries, the version of the Pass that is circulating on the net would include the Kabuto armor set, but not only.

As you can easily see from the image at the bottom of this news, the revised edition of the Battle Pass of Fracture: You will keep it proposed many elements of aesthetic customization for your Spartan. First, the Yoroi set would return to the appeal, with more compatible equipment. The Kabuto set could count not only on a helmet, but also on shoulder straps and more. Then they would complete the picture a series of emblems and options of coloring the armor. What do you think of this new Battle Pass?

To check if these will actually be its new contents, you will need to wait for Tuesday. Meanwhile, some people celebrated New Year’s Eve at Halo and Beyoncé!

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